Astounding Career in Aeronautical Engineering in 21st Century

Aeronautical Sector is a growing sector and it gives exemplary job opportunities to the person. one must look for aeronautical engineering if he/she gets attracted by flying machines.

Have you ever dreamed of designing the next generation supersonic aeroplane or observing the biggest jet engine soar, you may have believed in a career in aeronautical engineering or aerospace engineering. Here are some essential disclosures about the aeronautical sector to help you determine if the field is right for you.

Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering Branch

aeronautical engineeringAeronautical Engineering is a celebrated engineering branch that fascinates students interested in aeroplanes, space shuttles and their mechanisms. The fundamental job of an Aeronautical Engineer is to design aircraft and propulsion systems. However, with duration, the engineer is given much more accountability to carry out. 

The branch of aeronautical Engineering engages with the development, testing, designing and production of aircraft, the manufacture of flight-capable machines and all associated systems, the techniques of operating aircraft

The Aeronautical engineering course prepares an engineer to design, construct, analyse and test commercial or military aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft and that’s why Aeronautical engineers are often known as Aerospace engineers. Aerospace engineers are accountable for the research, design and production of aircraft, spacecraft, aerospace equipment, satellites and missiles. They also develop new technologies in commercial aviation, defence systems, and space exploration.

Aerospace is an extensive term of engineering. Aerospace Engineering is classified into two branches  

(1) Aeronautical Engineering 

(2) Astronautical Engineering. 

Aeronautical Engineers specialize in aircraft, missiles and helicopters and drones etc. On the other hand, Astronautical Engineers involve in working with space shuttles, rockets and space stations. 

What is the Scope of Aeronautical Engineering?

The scope of an aeronautical engineer not only exists in the design and production of an aircraft but automobile industry, turbines, fan industries,  high-speed trains and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) also offer several wonderful career opportunities. Aeronautical engineers have an enormous offering in all fields of engineering. Wheresoever there is a dealing of air with the commodity like a windmill, premium fans, racing cars etc. there is an aeronautical engineer. 

Indian aerospace industry is developing day by day and is one of the most rapidly rising industries in the world.

The increasing acceptance of air travel and space exploration requires a high level of proficiency and knowledge of aeronautical engineering topics. 

Observing the integral growth rate, the demand for qualified and capable Aerospace Engineers and aeronautical engineers is going to increase.

What does the aeronautical engineer do?

scope of aeronautical engineeringAeronautical Engineers are not only involved in the manufacturing of aeroplanes, helicopters, UAVs, and drones but also the operation and maintenance of these aircraft.

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most challenging fields of engineering which deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, defence systems and space vehicles. For example, Aerospace engineers at SpaceX company have designed a reusable spacecraft which is the first of its kind and it will significantly bring down the cost of space travel.

Aerospace Engineering comprises the design and production of hi-tech systems in this field. The field includes many disciplines like aerodynamics, avionics,  propulsion, material science, structural analysis etc.

What is the Future of the aeronautical engineering graduate?

future of aeronautical engineeringAeronautical engineers have a fantastic future ahead as this field is growing continually. Be it the government sector or the private sector requirement for adept Aerospace engineers will be always there. 

Nowadays, people prefer air travel over other options, even domestic travel. So the need for Aeronautical engineers in airline companies, and plane manufacturing companies is rising. The drone sector is in its initial stage. The usage of a drone is exceptionally broad from the defence sector and agricultural sector to film production the adoption of a drone is increasing day by day. Aeronautical engineers are playing a crucial role in the shaping drone sector.

A graduate with an aeronautical engineering degree will always have an opportunity as this sector is extended and in the future, this sector will extend further. 

What are the Various career opportunities for Aeronautical Engineers?

The aerospace industry offers numerous career options from engineers, scientists and technicians to other Management roles. Through this, you can select a job position matching your area of interest. The job profiles which are typically offered to aeronautical engineers are as follows:aeronautical engineering opportunity

· Aerospace Design Checker

· Aircraft Engineers

· Aircraft Production Manager

· Thermal Design Engineer

· Research & development 

Those curious about R&D can develop a satellite launcher, test the latest environment-friendly turbine or assemble the latest fighter plane as part of the production team.

In India, there are many PSUs which require Aeronautical Engineers. You can give service in these PSUs and work for Nation Building. The following are PSUs where Aeronautical Engineers have demand.

DRDO recruits Aeronautical Engineers as Scientist ‘B’ every year. For recruitment, it takes to account the GATE score.

Jobs for aeronautical engineers are available in National and International Airlines services. 

Some famous Indian airline services where aeronautical engineers get the job are as follows:

Some of the Top International Airline services where you can seek job opportunity is as follows:

Aeroplane designing is one of the most skilled operations. Aeronautical engineers can get the finest opportunity to work with the top aeroplane and helicopter manufacturing companies. In these companies, they will have to bring their engineering education to reality, they will design, operate, run and fly their machines. Some of the top Foreign Aeroplane manufacturing companies where you can seek job opportunity after completion of an Aeronautical engineering degree are as follow:

Many Indian Companies are rising in the space of aeroplanes and affiliated parts manufacturing. You can get the job opportunity in these Indian companies after completing an Aeronautical study. Some companies are as follows:

The world’s top Jet engine manufacturing company also seeks professional Aerospace engineers. The some of top companies in jet engine manufacturing are:

aeronautical engineeringAs an Aeronautical Engineer, you can also play an important part in the field of Space Travel. The Genius people of the planet earth are working in the Space Travelling field like Sir Richard Branson in his Virgin Galactic company, Elon Musk in his SpaceX company and Jeff Bezos in his Blue Origin Company. You can also join these companies after completing your Aeronautical Graduation. 

From tiny flying drones to giant flying planes or helicopters or any flying machine the talent of Aeronautical engineers performs behind it. This kind of engineering involves applied mathematics, thesis, understanding and problem-solving skills to convert flight-related concepts into operating flying machines. Aeronautical Engineers are behind some of the most exciting innovations in the field of aerospace. 

How to make a career in Aeronautical Engineering in India?

how to make career in aeronautical engineeringStep 1 :

Complete your SSC from a recognised board.

Step 2 : 

After completing SSC you have two options either you can go for Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering or for completing 10+2 (HSC) from a recognised board.

Step 3 :

While completing the (10+2) HSC prepare for Engineering entrance exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advance, BITSAT or VITEEE

Step 4 :

If you perform well in the entrance exam and score a good rank you will be eligible for admission to the related engineering college. Get admission to engineering college and complete your Aeronautical Engineering degree. You can also find out if you are eligible for the scholarships for completing your engineering, if yes then apply for it and get the benefit of the scholarship.

Step 5 :

You can seek a job opportunity after completing your aeronautical degree or go for higher studies like M.Tech. M.S or PhD in Aeronautical subjects. 

Best colleges for the aeronautical engineering


A career in the Aeronautical sector is very lucrative, it’s highly paid and offers adventures. it has a lot of scope in new innovations. These engineers are always surrounded by new technological gadgets. If you are fascinated by technology, machines and space then Aeronautical Science is for you. You should definitely think about making a career in this sector. It’s not very difficult to make a career in the aeronautical sector but you required a disciplined strategy so that you can achieve the career goal. We have given all the steps for making a career in the aeronautical sector follow them and do share this blog with young kids so that they will know about the Aeronautical Sector. 


The pay for Aeronautical Engineers is depend on the company in which they get hired. But a minimum package in this sector can start from 8 lakh per annum. If you get selected by a good multinational company you can easily get up to a 15-20 lakh per annum starting package. 

Not only Aeroplane manufacturing company hires aeronautical engineers but also many other companies like racing cars, drones company,  air fans, windmill company, a company working on space-related subjects are looking for good aeronautical engineers.  

Yes NASA is always in search of good aeronautical engineers. Many Indian Aeronautical engineers work with NASA. 

Aeroplane Pilots need not be necessarily aeronautical engineers, but aeronautical engineers can become a pilot after taking the required licence for flying planes.  

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