Swanath Scholarship

Get All the details of Swanath Scholarship.

Swanath Scholarship is launched by the All India Council for Technical Education for assisting students to pursue technical education in Degree or Diploma courses. We have collected important points about Swanath scholarship, if you want to know kindly go through this page.

What is Swanath Scholarship?

details of swanath scholarshipSwanath scholarship is set up to motivate and support orphan students whose parents are died due to Covid-19. This scholarship is also applicable to the students who are minors and children of martyred from the Armed Forces and Central Paramilitary Forces.

This scheme is an attempt to give a chance to such an unfortunate child to study further and prepare successful career through education in AICTE-approved institutions and courses.

Every year AICTE awards a maximum of 2000 scholarships across the country to eligible candidates, out of which 1000 scholarships are for Degree students and 1000 scholarships are for Diploma students.

The amount of the scholarship is Rs. 50,000/- per annum. The student who is pursuing the graduation course will be eligible for a maximum of 4 years and the student who is pursuing the diploma course is eligible for a maximum of 3 years. The scholarship amount is awarded to the payment of college fees, purchase of computer, stationary, books, equipment and software etc. If a student is studying in the 2nd or 3rd or 4th year can also apply for the fresh swanath scholarship if eligible. The amount of the scholarship will be disbursed to the AADHAR-linked bank account of the student.

Eligibility for Swanath Scholarship?

The candidate should belong to any one of the following categories:

  • Orphan
  • Either or both parents pass away due to Covid-19
  • Wards of Armed Forces and Central Paramilitary Forces martyred.

If one of the parents is alive then the family income of the student should not be more than Rs. 8 lakh per year during the financial year of the application. A candidate will have to submit a valid income certificate issued by State/UT government.

The student who is applying for Swanath Scholarship should be pursuing a Degree or Diploma course which is approved by AICTE. The Institute to which the student is admitted should also be AICTE approved like BITS (admission process) or Vellore institute (admission process).

undraw education f8ruThe AICTE collects all the data of students who applied for the scholarship through an online portal. Then the 2000 student is selected on a merit basis. The top 2000 students who get the highest percentile in qualifying or entrance exam for degree/diploma course. If there is a tie in percentile of qualifying or entrance exam then the student who gets the highest marks in the 10th exam will be eligible for the scholarship. and if marks in the 10th exam are also the same then the student with higher age will get selected. In case there are still ties then the student with a lower family income will get the benefit of Swanath Scholarship.

How to Apply for Swanath Scholarship?

The eligible candidate will have to apply online through the National Scholarship portal. The candidate will have to register themselves and fill in the online application form by giving all the necessary details.

The institution to which the student is admitted will have to verify the online Swanath Scholarship application. And then the Department of Education of the respective state/ut will have to verify the Swanath Scholarship application. The student who gets to the next year will also require to apply for the scholarship through the national scholarship portal.undraw Lives matter 38lv


Yes, you are eligible for the swanath scholarship but you will get it for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year only if you fulfil other criteria.

No, you are not eligible for this scholarship if you are getting any other scholarship.

If a student fails or dropout in the subsequent year, he/she will not be eligible for the scholarship for further years.

Yes, AADHAAR card is mandatory for applying for scholarship and it should be linked to your bank account.