Saksham Scholarship

Saksham Scholarship is implemented for the specially-abled student who wants to take a degree in a technical course. Get all the details of this scholarship here.

Saksham scholarship is executed by the All India Council for Technical Education for Specially Abled students who want to take a degree in the technical course. We have collected the important details of this scheme if you want to know kindly go through this page. 

What is Saksham Scholarship?

what is saksham scholarshipAll India Council for Technical Education has started the Saksham Scholarship scheme to motivate and assist specially-abled students. This endeavour will give every specially abled young student to study further and make a successful career through technical education. 

AICTE awards this scholarship to take a degree course which is approved by AICTE like B.E/ B.Tech and the institute to which the student is admitted should also be approved by AICTE( To take admission to B.E/B.Tech course candidate will require to appear entrance exams like JEE Mains, JEE ADVANCED etc). All Specially abled students who are admitted to first-year degree courses can apply to the Saksham Scholarship providing they fulfil other eligibility norms. Unlike other scholarships, there is no capping of the number to award the Saksham scholarship per year.

The eligible candidate for Saksham Scholarship will get Rs. 50,000/- per annum up to the end of their degree course. The scholarship award will be given for a maximum of 4 years. The award amount which is Rs. 50,000/- will be credited to the account of the beneficiary student which they can use to pay college fees, purchase books, stationery, equipment, laptops and software etc. Students will not require to attach the bills of expenses for availing the benefit of a scholarship. 

What is the Eligibility of the Saksham Scholarship?

saksham scholarshipThe candidate who wants to apply for Saksham Scholarship should have been admitted to the First year of their degree course.

The disability of specially-abled students should not be less than 40%. The certificate from the concerned department is necessary for submission.

The Family income of the candidate who wants to apply for the scholarship should not be more than Rs. 8 Lakh per year. The candidate will have to submit the income certificate of the family issued by the State/UT government.

The student will be required to renew the Saksham Scholarship every year through an online portal by submitting the passing certificate. If the student fails to pass the annual or semester exam then the benefits of the scholarship will be terminated.  

The gap period between appearing entrance exam and admission to the institute should not be more than 2 years.

The student who wants the benefit of this scholarship should not be getting the benefit of any other scholarship.

How to Apply for the Saksham Scholarship?

To Apply for the Saksham Scholarship a candidate will have to submit the online application on the National Scholarship portal. Generally, the application window on the portal is open up to the month of October every year. 

After the submission of the application on the portal, it will be forwarded to the institution where the student is admitted and then it will be further forwarded to the Department of Technical Education (DTE).

saksham scholarshipThe following documents are required to apply for the scholarship.

  • Class 10th mark sheet
  • Class 12th mark sheet
  • Adhaar Card
  • Bank Details which is linked to the Adhaar Card
  • Confirmation of Admission to the college
  • Qualifying exam mark sheet
  • Annual Family income certificate issued by government of State/UT.


No, You are not eligible to apply for the fresh scholarship. You have to apply for a fresh scholarship in the year in which you are admitted to the college.

No, You can not apply for the Saksham Scholarship if you are receiving any other scholarship.

If you get fail in annual/semester exam, you scholarship benefits will be terminated.

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