Complete Guidance of Nursing Careers

Career nursing is always fascinating for those who want to serve society. A nursing career is very attractive and in a new era, there are a lot of new opportunities for candidates who want to make their living in this field. In this blog we have given the complete details about nursing careers, go through it if you are thinking about this career option.

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Introduction to Nursing Career

introduction-to-nursing-careerWhenever you hear about Prominent personalities like Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa what comes to your mind is the noble profession of nursing. Nursing is the art of caring for patients and sick people by developing proficiency using the science of health care. 

Medical care is incomplete without Nursing professionals. As a matter of fact, Nursing professionals and nursing assistants are the largest categories of workers in the health sector. The nursing career focused on the care of persons and society so they regain optimum health and quality of life.

Nursing career jobs engage in giving bedside care to healing patients, serving newborns, to supporting physicians during the inspection and operation of patients.

The origination of organised nursing training was in Germany and it was developed in Britain through the hard work of Florence Nightingale. She is known as the founder of modern nursing. She had established many nursing training schools and written over 150 books.  

Nursing is the appropriate profession for those candidates who have the enthusiasm and passion to serve mankind. A person who has an interest and zeal in the curing of medically ill people may choose nursing as a career for themselves.

Why Choose a Nursing Career?

nursing-careers-importanceIn India, The Health Ministry expect that over 25,000 new nurses will enter the profession annually. These numbers indicate India’s insufficiency of over 1 lakh auxiliary nurse midwives (ANM) and 4 lakh general nurse midwives (GNM).

According to a recently released report, near about 300 nursing colleges are to be established to reduce the scarcity of over five lakh nurses in India.

With the tremendous rise in the healthcare industry, which is likely to grow regularly there is a massive demand for healthcare specialists and the candidate who chooses a nursing career will be chief among them. These are the reason you should think to choose a nursing career. 

Importance of Nursing Career.

A nurse has an extensive range of assignments and accountability. Nursing covers a variety of jobs which vary broadly in terms of functions and responsibilities. Therefore people with different goals and capabilities can find a nursing career a rewarding option.

Nurses operate under the administration of nursing departments and in association with medical practitioners. Seventy-five per cent of all nurses are employed in hospitals where they can be allotted to general duty, operation room assistant or maternity room duty. They may additionally work in caring for ill children or be appointed to other hospital duties, such as emergency rooms, intensive care units or outpatient clinics. 

The occupation of general duty nurse includes operating with other members of the healthcare team to examine the condition of the patient and to prepare and execute a treatment plan. Various tasks ranging from taking patient’s temperatures, checking pulse and blood pressure, supervising medication and injections, keeping a record of symptoms and progress of patients, changing dressings, supporting patients in personal care, counselling a patient for surgery, and completing several tasks that involve skill and understanding of patients’ necessities.

Surgical nurses operate in an operation theatre and prepare for surgeries by sterilising instruments. They assist surgeons throughout operations and coordinate with the patient. Some nurses may get occupied by the family of the patient. Their service is destined for the individual care of one patient and is conducted by consultation with a patient’s physician.

Midwifery is a blend of applying complex practical skills and counselling. Midwives normally nurse mothers and children right from conception to several weeks after birth. They are qualified to provide ante-natal and post-natal counselling and assistance. They take complete responsibility during birth in many cases and call a doctor in case of complexity which they are educated to spot at an early stage. Generally, midwifery is included in the nursing curriculum.

Type of nurses

If you have chosen the Nursing Career then you should know about various types of Nurses that work in the healthcare industries.  

There are many different types of jobs which Nursing professionals are doing in the medical field. We have brought out some of the types of nurses for you so that you come to know about the different types of jobs, nurses are doing. Types-of-nurses

Registered Nurse of Licence Practitioner Nurse: 

Registered Nurses are those nurses who have registered themselves with the government or medical organisation. They get the licence of their registration. through this licence, they can work in any hospital or with various doctors or physicians to assist them in medical-related tasks. In some countries, these licence nurses can practice nursing individually. 

Travel Nurse :

Travel nurses operate on temporary duty in diverse locations. They have multiple responsibilities during their duty this includes preparing meals, managing medication and communicating with additional healthcare professionals. Travel Nurses have to work nationally as well as internationally depending on patients’ requirements. Travel nurses have been paid a great amount by their employers as they work full-time during their duty missions. 

School Nurse :

School Nurses work within the administration of the school. To carry out health assessments and to educate the student about basic healthcare in schools, School management hire school nurses full-time. As the standard of schools is increasing day by day the number of engagement of school nurses is also increasing. 

Triage Nurse :

The patients who are admitted to the emergency department of the hospital are treated by the Triage Nurse. They are experts in the intensive care of the patient. Generally, all hospitals which have ICUs require the Triage Nurse in their medical staff. 

Clinical Nurse :

Clinical Nurses are experts in diagnosing the illness of patients they also know how to treat these patients. They detect the illness at an early stage through their study and experience. they provide healthcare assessments to the patients. Clinical Nurse also manages the diagnostic tests of the patients by communicating with the laboratory. 

Research Nurse:

Research Nurses are those nurses who are involved in research related to the nursing field. They are highly paid professionals. To make a career in research nursing you should pursue a PhD in Nursing. They involve in innovations in the healthcare field. 

What are the Opportunities & Scope of a Nursing careers?

The nursing sector has a lot of scope and opportunities in the current scenario and future. As we all know, the healthcare sector is blooming day by day so opportunities in the nursing sector are generating day after day.

For all those aspirants who are thinking or have decided to make a career in Nursing, we have specially curated this section to let them know about all future opportunities and the scope of the Nursing sector. 

We have divided Opportunities in a Nursing career into 3 categories.

  1. Inpatient Nursing career opportunities
  2. Outpatient Nursing career opportunities
  3. Unconventional Nursing career opportunities

Inpatient Nursing career opportunities

Inpatient Nursing career opportunities are those careers where nurses have to work within the environment of hospitals. They are as followsintroduction to nursing career 4

Nursing Officers:

The Nursing Officer is generally engaged in consulting senior doctors on best nursing practices, managing other staff in the hospital, arrangement of patient services. Nursing officers represent nurses at hospital management board meetings. They are also involved in the recruitment of hospital staff. Nursing Officers may have to manage the staff working in various departments in their hospital while reporting directly to the organization’s head. Nursing officers also facilitate the opportunities for education and professional advancement of medical staff. 

Trauma Nurse :

Trauma nurses are specializes in the care of patients who suffer a severe accidental injury. Trauma nurses specialised in treating patients of all ages straight from newborn to old age. They are involved in the treatment of vehicle accidental cases, gunshot wounds, head injuries or any other physical injuries. 

Transplant Nurse :

A transplant nurse deals with those patients who are recipients or donors of human organs via transplant surgery. Transplant Nurse’s council organ donors who are ready to donate organs or tissues for transplantation to the other human body. They prepare and educate the donor about the process and recovery.

Transplant nurses additionally care for those patients who are receiving the organs by transplantation surgery. They assist the patient during the surgery and provide them with post-operative care.

Perianesthesia nurse :

A perianesthesia nurse engaged with those patients who are undergoing or recovering from anaesthesia. There are various levels of treatment and care that a perianesthesia nurse specializes in. These nurses prepare patients for surgery or care for patients who are waking up or recovering from anaesthesia. Often perianesthesia nurses are referred to the operation room and recovery room.

Anaesthetics help patients to make pain-free surgery possible. The role of anaesthetics is very important during surgery. There are unfavourable side effects that may occur. The job of the perianesthesia nurse is to monitor meticulously for complications and assure the maximum safety and comfort of patients under anaesthesia.

Plastic Surgery Nurse :

Plastic surgery nurses are specially trained nurses that focus on enhancing the look of a part of the body or face. This can be performed by using invasive or non-invasive procedures. The role of the surgery nurse is to carry out surgical procedures and solutions and other in-office cosmetic treatments.

Plastic surgery nurses specialize in caring for patients who undergo cosmetic surgical operations.

Plastic surgery can be a profitable field as patients for plastic surgery are increasing day by day. 

Some people might become depressed or have low self-esteem due to their appearance in a certain body part. Such people need plastic surgery. The Nurses are involved in pre-operation and post-operation care of the patient. 

Obstetrics Nurse :

An obstetrics nurse assists female patients during pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. Obstetricians and OB nurses play an essential role during the birth of a child. Obstetrics nurses have demand in hospitals.

Postpartum Nurse :

The postpartum Nurse takes care of the Mother and Baby once birth has taken place. This nurse exercises their proficiency to recognize and operate upon postpartum emergencies for both patients. The postpartum nurse has a busy working environment.

Their main job is to teach new mothers how to properly care for themselves as well as their newborns after delivery. 

Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric nurses are specializes in the treatment of a patient suffering from mental illnesses, addiction, eating disorders or substance abuse. Patients suffering from psychiatric disorders need emotional support, education, and therapy from skilled mental health professionals. Working with such is a part of day to day life of a psychiatric nurse. They also coordinate with social workers for giving their services to society.

Palliative Care Nurse :

The palliative care or hospice nurse provides compassionate care to the fatally ill and those who have little hope of recovery. This nurse has a special concern about creating an environment of pain relief and comfort in the last days of the patient with the help of the family. 

The objective of care in these situations is to give relief to the patient and family on a psychosocial, physical, and spiritual level. This nurse synchronizes with other providers to meet the requirements of the family and patient. Once death has happened, the palliative care nurse offers bereavement assistance to the family and helps them to make final decisions. They also take an effort to organize patients and families for a peaceful and comfortable end-of-life transition.

Outpatient Nursing career opportunities

Outpatient Nursing career opportunities are those career opportunities where nurses have to work outside the hospital premises. Some outpatient nursing scopes are as follows. introduction to nursing career 5

Nurse Health Coach

Nurse health coaches team up with clients for coaching them about health. 

Nurse health coaching supports clients to heal through the use of various healing methods. Nurse coaches require several years of nursing experience to set up in this industry. 

Health coaches generally create a relationship with their clients and perform a treatment goal. There is a lot of scope in this sector as there is an increase in health cautiousness. 

Rheumatology Nurse

A rheumatology nurse handles patients with a rheumatic ailment. In rheumatic disease joints and muscles are affected by overuse and overage. The rheumatology nurse treats patients who are suffering from fibromyalgia, spondylitis, arthritis, Lyme and lupus. 

Numerous patients are seeking treatment for rheumatology hence there is a demand for rheumatology nurses.

Rehabilitation Nurse

Rehabilitation nurses assist patients who have long-lasting physical incapacities or chronic illnesses. These nurses operate with patients and their families to make a personally adapted recovery plan. In addition to this rehabilitation, nurses help patients to set goals for their recovery. As a rehabilitation nurse, your first purpose is to assist your patients to gain back their health. Many rehabilitation nurses work with patients on an on-call basis they visit the patient’s place at regular intervals.

Rehabilitation nurse also works with NGOs to serve society.

Fertility Nurse

Fertility nurses deal with and consult with patients who are facing fertility issues and failing to conceive. These nurses assist the patients in all areas affecting fertility like conception issues, fertility therapy, and matching egg donors with families etc. Reproductive nurses address females passing through menopause and educate them about specific signs and symptoms along with the medication options available. Usually, these nurses work in fertility centres and counsel the patient. Reproductive nurses can also be a part of stem cell research.

Radiology Nurse

A radiology nurse deals with those patients who are undergoing diagnostic processes or radiation therapy. Diagnostic process tests include x-rays, Computed Tomography scans (CT scans), Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans (MRIs), and ultrasounds. Surgeons and physicians can see within the body of the affected patient through these diagnostic processes so that they can easily diagnose illnesses in a patient body. Radiation therapy is also used to treat cancer. To provide proper care, radiology nurses focus on patient comfort and also ensure that precise images are being taken to recognize injuries and illnesses.

Genetics Nurse

A Registered nurse who takes additional training and education in genetics is known as a Genetics nurse. Patients who are affected by genetic diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease etc are treated by the genetic nurse. 

In addition to providing direct patient care, Genetics nurses provide risk assessment tests, analyze the results of these tests and advise the patients on the ongoing conditions. They are highly scientific and their treatments are research-based.

Unconventional Nursing career opportunities

There are some unconventional nursing opportunities and scope for nursing candidates in the new era where they can build their careers. Some of them are as follows.Insurance rafiki

Nurse Writer/educator

A nursing professional who is zealous about teaching and educating society on healthcare and medical-related topics through their comprehension can try their hands as a nursing writer.

Various fields of nursing need to be explored and updations are coming day by day in these fields. Nurse writers or educators can write blogs or books which can help the students in these fields. They can use their skills and experiences in their writing. For example, Psychiatric nurses may use their proficiency in understanding of mental health of a patient to make sure that a written blog or book is informative and beneficial to their readers.

Writing is a valuable skill that can help readers find the knowledge they require through an educator they can trust.

Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone triage nurses are also known as telehealth nurses. They assist patients via telephone or video chat. Telephone Triage Nurses usually assist patients to decide whether they require to seek emergency treatment and meet a doctor or if they can handle it themselves. 

These nurses are trained to ask patients extremely specified questions to accurately evaluate their case and advert them to an appropriate health care professional. 

Telephone triage nurses can access patients’ health information profiles and assist them at their place. These nurses are especially helpful for those patients who live in remote places and for those who strive to pay for medical facilities. 

Telephone triage nurses can unite with doctors and assist them in decreasing their patient load by guiding patients via telephone or video chat. 

Patients with minor health problems can save time and money by using this facility. This helps hospitals to eliminate crowding and reduce long waiting times in emergency medical facilities. Most telephone triage nursing services are available 24×7 resulting in nurses working odd hours and night shifts.

Nurse Entrepreneur

Nurses can use their professional knowledge to start their entrepreneurship and also use their nursing experience to widen their business in the healthcare industry. 

Developing and selling health products and medical devices are some of the businesses that nurses can do. They can also start consultancy services which may offer patient care, nursing services, nursing education etc. 

For becoming a nurse entrepreneur, one requires strong business skills. 

Forensic Nurse

The patient who is the victims of violence and abuse are handled by a forensic nurse. They are experts in criminal justice with nursing knowledge. 

They provide sensitive information to the court of law for punishing the culprit. Forensic nursing is the specialised nursing segment. 

Flight Nurse

A flight nurse is also known as a transport or travel nurse. They are specially educated to provide medical care to patients during transit. 

Flight nurses board helicopters, rescue flights and more to give medical care to injured or ill patients in emergencies.

These nurses must keep patients stable until the aircraft arrives at the proper healthcare facility. Flight nurses can operate in both civilian and military surroundings.

Correctional Nurse

The first medical assistance provider, a prisoner comes into communication with is a Correctional Nurse. Who is responsible for the primary prisoner assessment and deciding whether the offender needs to be shifted outside the correctional facility or not?  

Usually, Mental health and infectious diseases are sought to stabilise by the nurse.

The benefit of choosing nursing as a career


This is the main benefit of the nursing career. You will get satisfaction after giving your service to the suffering patient and when they get recovered from your service. A person who is associated with the medical field has the special dignity of working in the medical industry and the same belongs to the candidate who makes their career in nursing.

The demand for Nurses : 

There is a shortage of Nurses due to the development and extension of the medical industry in recent years. The statistics indicate that the demand for nurses will increase worldwide in future. The jobs of nurses are available in the city as well as in rural areas. The international demand for qualified nurses is very high and the pay for nurses in Europe and America is hefty.        

The flexibility of working time :

Nurses have the benefit of working with flexible working hours. As hospitals run on 24×7 schedule nurses have to work the shifts. So you can choose the working shift which suits you. 

Never Ending future :

As the medical field is never ending and always expanding with the expansion of population the future of the nursing career is never ending and always growing. With getting trained with new upcoming medical gadgets nursing candidates grow their demand.

introduction to nursing career 7

Nursing Career Pathways

If a candidate keeps their approach toward nursing from the start of their education they can achieve a milestone in this field.

Step 1 :

Complete your (10+2) or HSC from a recognised board in science and should have biology as one of the subjects. 

Step 2 :

Prepare for the NEET exam so that you will be eligible for admission to BSc Nursing.  After completing your BSc nursing there are a lot of job opportunities for nurses or you can also go for further studies for doing MSc Nursing. 

Remember to check the scholarships while doing the BSc nursing so that if you are eligible, you can apply. 

Step 3:

Suppose you do not get success in the NEET exam for getting admission to the BSc Nursing, there is another path for making your nursing career. 

Take admission to the GNM (General Nursing Midwifery) course which is a diploma course and any candidate who has completed their 10+2 or HSC can take admission to this course. GNM is a 3.5-year course and after completing GNM candidate will get admission to Post Basic BSc Nursing which is a 2-year degree course. 

Step 4:

There are various diploma courses available for nurses so that they can become certified professionals in certain nursing niches. You may try out some of these diploma courses. 

Step 5:

After completing BSc Nursing or Post Basic BSc nursing you can go for a master’s in the nursing field. After completing an MSc in Nursing you will get many opportunities globally and you can also try for research and may achieve a doctorate degree (PhD). 

Conclusion About Nursing Careers

After going through the complete blog you may have come to know that Nursing is a vast field and the demand will increase as there is an increase in population.

If you are searching for a career which is a safe play and will not let you remain jobless then you may select the nursing career for your future. Day-by-day nursing job is also getting updated and if you update yourself according to the job you will certainly thrive in this field. All the Best for your Nursing Future. 


Yes, Nursing is one of the safest careers. As there is always demand for nurses and every day new hospitals are building so nurses can find the job easily.

Yes, there are many specialities in Nursing such as Gynaecology and obstetrics, Psychiatric nursing, community health nursing and medical-surgical nursing. 

Yes, You can try for a foreign job after completing your BSc in Nursing. You have to get a good score on IELTS or TOEFL tests which are English language test.


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